Summer Suitcase Essentials


Hi everyone.

Hope you are all well and have been enjoying the beautiful weather that we have been blessed with over the last couple of weeks! 

It is amazing that it has lasted for this length of time so long may it last. With this in mind, we thought it would be fitting to cover this month’s blog post on the summer suitcase essentials. If the sun stays in Ireland, we won’t have to hop on any plane but if you are, we have you covered with a few items that will make packing for your holiday a little easier.

If you are travelling to any part of Europe and perhaps hiring a car when you get there, the one thing you will need for sure is a map! Eason’s have a great variety in stock and this one seems like the perfect option to pop in your bag and see you through your journeys.

A light, comfortable and bright dress will see you from the beach to the bar. This style from Wallis is very on trend and another bonus is that it will not crease should you decide you need to roll it into a ball and bring it to the beach! Pair with flat sandals during the day, over your bikini and then add some heels or wedges at night to glam it up.

A bikini or swimsuit cover up is definitely a suitcase essential as you will more than likely wear one every day whether that be on the beach, by the pool, walking around the town etc. This beautiful style is from none other than F&F clothing at Tesco and you will be able to match it with everything.

What’s a bikini cover up if you don’t have anything to wear underneath it! Again these styles are coming in from F&F at Tesco and they have a great selection of both bikinis and swimsuits. The styles above are fantastic because of the high waisted fit meaning they will give a great shape.

What’s a trip to the beach or pool without an inflatable lounger!

These are great fun for all the family and available in Pennyes for €7.00.

Sunscreen is always a must and P20 is a new brand on the market that will have all your sun care needs covered. It is available in Matt O’Flaherty’s Pharmacy in a varying range of factors.

Not forgetting about the kiddies, Garnier Ambre Solaire is an old reliable that is available up to factor 50 and the spray formula means that it will be easily applied. Also available in Matt O’Flaherty’s Pharmacy and Tesco.

Slider sandals are a must for walking to the beach, on the beach, around the town, perhaps for a few drinks or just to chill at the pool. These styles from F&F are very funky and would look really cool paired with your bikini, sundress etc.

After sun care is just as important and this soothing and hydrating lotion from Matt O’Flaherty’s Pharmacy will ensure you are safe at all times in the heat.

How gorgeous is this dress from Dorothy Perkins and white is a must with a tan. It is lightweight, comfortable, casual and glamorous all in one – perfect for holidays! Throw it on over a bikini if you like to stay shaded from the sun while out and about or pair it with a pair of bright heels at night time to glam it up.

Last but by no means least is a bottle of tan. Not all of us are blessed with getting a sallow tan while we are away and if you prefer to stick to the bottle, we would definitely recommend B-Perfect. Personally, tried and tested from Matt O’Flaherty’s Pharmacy. The colour is great and it also fades evenly –  very important when you will be in and out of a pool all day everyday!

We hope this guide was of help and wherever you are heading on your holidays, have a great time!